The Half Shell is a non-cabover design that is even lower profile and lighter weight than the original CTC design.  This model can also be designed to fit many different trucks and purposes - from simple shells to fit a Ford Ranger to full size, 8' bed models with increased headroom and finished and furnished interiors.  

There's a lot of potential in a non-cabover design - if you've got an idea how this general style could work for you, I'd love to discuss it.  A simple Half Shell is my personal favorite of the Casual Turtle lineup.  Simplify, simplify... 

Second Generation Tacoma size

This is the most recent Half Shell - and its a seriously cool little Turtle.  It features a huge sleeping area, loads of room for storage underneath, and a irresistible little person door - this design is dead-easy to own and use, as well as easy on the eyes.  Minimalist in some ways, luxurious in others - a great option for those looking for a comfortable, secure cabin without affecting the driving experience as much as a full size truck camper.