The Half Shell is a non-cabover design that is even lower profile and lighter weight than the original CTC design.  This model can also be designed to fit many different trucks and purposes - from simple shells to fit a Ford Ranger to full size, 8' bed models with increased headroom and finished and furnished interiors.  

There's a lot of potential in a non-cabover design - if you've got an idea how this general style could work for you, we'd love to discuss it.   


Sleeper/Cargo Version

  • Designed to best fit Ford Ranger or first generation Toyota Tacoma
  • 455 lbs.
  • Queen size removable bed platform - 60"x80" (pictured with Full size mattress) 
  • 25 cubic feet of storage beneath bed
  • Crank-out jalousie windows
  • 50" wide upper cargo door 
  •  From $3,700



This small Half Shell is designed to be a utilitarian, minimalist camper/sleeper that also functions as a cargo hauler.  Truck campers have a tendency to limit the usability of the truck's bed, but this slimmed-down design lets its user reclaim that space while not in use as a sleeper.  The 50" wide cargo door allows for hauling of panel products, and with its three-piece bed platform removed it opens up into a large, open, and secure cargo bay.  More than a topper with plywood spanning the wheel wells, less than a full-scale camper, this Half Shell is for the adventurous, industrious lot.  

Simplify, simplify...