As of 2016, Casual Turtle Campers is no longer taking orders.  Thanks a lot for your interest, emails, and support over the past couple of years.  This may not be for good, but  for now we're closing up shop. 

Thank you very much for your interest. Due to the 100% custom nature of these campers, it is difficult to list ultimate prices.  We build our campers one at a time, by hand, out of quality materials - and no two are alike. We can design anything from a simple shell, to a well-appointed, finished camper.  

The best way to think about pricing is by starting with the "shell-only price" - meaning the exterior structure before any interior fabrication.  Shell prices vary depending on ultimate dimensions, number of windows, etc.  Current shell price ranges are as follows:

  • Small pickups (Ranger/Tacoma)

    • Half Shell: $4,000-$4,650

    • Cabover: $5,900-$6,550
  • 6.5' bed Full size (F150, Tundra)

    • Half Shell: $4,150-$4,900
    • Cabover: $6,050-$6,800
  • 8' bed Full size

    • Half Shell: $5,150-$6,150
    • Cabover: $6,850-$7,850
  • Hatchling

    • $6,250
  • Terrapin

    • $8,850


For further pricing information or general questions, the best way to get in touch is by emailing  Let me know what kind of camper you may be interested in and we can have an honest conversation about designing and building it.

Flexible and reasonable delivery options available.